12 Journal Prompts To Help You Work Through Depression

12 Journal Prompts To Help You Work Through Depression

Have you been suffering from depression but haven’t been able to find a good coping mechanism?

Do you feel like you have no one to talk to and are bottling up your feelings?

Well you should consider keeping a journal! If you haven’t checked out my 6 Benefits of Journaling post, I highly suggest that you do. I go into detail about why I believe everyone should keep a journal.

I have found that journaling has beenĀ essentialĀ in my working through my depression, and have come up with some prompts and questions that really help me work through my problems.

Here are 12 journal prompts to help you through your depression.

  1. What does your perfect day look like?
  2. What kinds of things do you wish others knew about you?
  3. What makes you feel better when you’re down?
  4. How do you want to feel tomorrow?
  5. What is one good thing you’ve done today?
  6. What do you want out of life?
  7. What scares you about your future?
  8. What is your life’s purpose?
  9. What is holding you back from living the life you desire?
  10. What do you love about yourself?
  11. How do you want others to feel about you?
  12. Make a list of things that trigger negative thoughts and feelings in you. What can you do to overcome those thoughts and feelings?

These prompts are great for getting you to reflect and think about you and your life.

Feel free to tweak these questions to fit you and your situation, and hopefully they can help you inspire you to start journaling.

Are there any questions that you like to ask yourself when you are journaling that help you work through your thoughts and emotions? Let me know down in the comments, and I’ll see you in my next post!


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