6 Benefits of Journaling

6 Benefits of Journaling

It is safe to say that most people have a daily routine right? And that most of the time those routines are consistent because well, their routines.

Well we’re going to talk about why journaling should become a regular part of your daily routine.

Here are 6 great benefits of journaling.

1. It can help clear your emotions.

Sometimes we go through things that can have our thoughts running a mile a minute, and have our emotions all over the place leaving us confused.

But if you put all of those thoughts, emotions, and every feeling that you experience on paper, journaling has a wonderful way of helping you clear up those emotions and feelings . You will feel a lot better after getting it all out of your system.

2. It can help heal the past. 

I know first hand how difficult it is to think back to past experiences I’ve had in life. I’ve seen a lot of things that have scarred me in ways that people couldn’t imagine. And I’ve made some decisions that if given the chance, I’d go back and do something differently.

We can not change the past, but we can heal from it.

Any time you start to think about a situation that has already happened, but has been bothering you, pull out your journal and get to writing.

Put all your thoughts emotions and feelings about that time down on paper and leave it be. Any time you start to feel yourself getting hung up or are being affected by a past event…write it down.

After some time, (a couple of weeks, months, years, whatever you feel) you will feel like you are no longer hurt or affected by that experience, go back and read it and see how it helped you heal from it.

3. It can help heal relationships.

6 Benefits of Journaling | Reasons you should keep a journal

This is very similar to how you would journal about your past, but instead you would write about the relationships you have.

Maybe you are having a problem with your significant other and you feel like you can’t talk to them about certain things, write about how they make you feel in your journal instead.

Do this with all of the relationships you have with your spouses, family members, and friends. This will allow you to really dissect your relationships with these people.

From there you can make decisions on rather or not you should keep them in your life, and would it be worth it to try and repair the relationship, and help you figure out how to do so.

4. It can help heal depression.

Honestly journaling is just an amazing tool to help you heal from so many different things.

Depression is hard. I’ve been there. And one of the best ways for me to work through that was to journal.

You can pour your soul out into the little notebook that you have and you will have no worries about being judged. The notebook doesn’t have an opinion so it won’t talk back to you.

And at the end of the day, you know it will always be there for you. No. Matter. What.

5. It can help increase your gratitude.

Journaling could be a great way to help you realize just how blessed and grateful you are for the people and things that you have in your life. Rather it be for your finances, your family, your health, you name it. You will start having a much better sense of gratitude.

6. It can help manifest your dreams.

There is so much power in putting your goals and dreams down on paper. Having a journal dedicated to your goals and dreams is something that I highly recommend.

The act of writing down something you want in life and meditating, praying, or simply just saying it out loud can not only change your life, but your mindset.

Put it on paper, and watch your dreams come true.

All in all…

These are the 6 reasons why I believe journaling could benefit any and every one.

Do you keep a journal? If not are you considering one?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I’ll talk to you in my next one!

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