Expected and Unexpected Changes After Having Kids

Expected and Unexpected Changes After Having Kids

Giving birth to children is no easy task.

Shoot pregnancy is no easy task either. I absolutely hate being pregnant sadly (probably because I had so many complications during my pregnancies).

And there were many things that family members, friends, and even my doctors tried to prepare me for once I did give birth, but there were so many things that I didn’t expect at all.

Expected Changes

  • Weight Gain: This is one of the most common changes. After carrying a child for nine months, you will have gained weight (most of the time).
  • Hair Shedding: Another common change, the hormones we produce during, and after giving can cause our hair to shed. Some have it worse than others.
  • Skin Changes: By this I mean you could have gotten stretch marks, achne, and maybe you developed that dark line down your stomach.
  • Breast Size: This can go either way, but most woman’s breast get bigger. And it is super common that your breast will start to sag as well (because we produce milk after we give birth? Not positive on that) after giving birth.

Unexpected Changes

  • Sense of Self: After giving birth, I completely lost my sense of self, and didn’t know who I was. It was so unexpected for me, because I used to be so sure of who I was and what my life purpose was, but that didn’t last very long after giving birth.
  • Shoe Size: I had the same shoe size over the last few years but as soon as I had my first child, I went up a whole shoe size and it was annoying because I had to go buy new shoes.
  • Sexual Desire: Another completely unexpected change for me was my change in sexual desire. I knew that it would change, but not in the degree that it did. After giving birth to the first time, I didn’t even want to be touched. Like I was a touchy, feel-y kind of person, but once I had my kids, but I didn’t even want to think about being touched. I absolutely hated it. And sadly I am still a but like that, but hopefully with time I can get back to loving being touched and match my fiances’ sex drive again.
  • Relationship: My relationship changed a whole lot. I always expected that once I had children that my relationship with my partner would be stronger, but it had only gotten worse. Thankfully we have been able to work through it for the better, but our relationship is nothing like it was before we had our kids.

Not every woman will experience these changes because we are all different,

But I just wanted to share my experience with changes that I both did and didn’t expect. I have expereienced all of these changes at one point or another since having kids.

Have you experienced any of these changes after having kids? If so, which ones did you expect? Which one’s didn’t you expect?

Let me know down in the comments, thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.


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