Making A Relationship Last

Making A Relationship Last

No relationship is perfect. And that is especially true when you have been with a person for many years.

There are going to be many ups and downs. Trails and tribulations, and things will get tough from time to time.

But the important thing is that you both never give up on one another and keep working on your relationship.

Most relationships are always good in the beginning.

I would say that most people would probably agree with that.

In the beginning most relationships are good.

You both really like each other. You both enjoy spending time together. The connection is great. And maybe you’re both even super attracted to one another.

Things couldn’t be going better right? Maybe you’ve found the one!

Then after getting to know one another better, you start to see the others persons flaws and things you may not like.

Maybe the person you have fallen for turns out to be a completely different person than you thought they were, and things got really tough once you move in together.

1. Be honest.

If you can’t be honest with one another, then there is bound to be problems within your relationship. Like it is always said, honesty is the best policy.

Plus it helps build trust in a relationship and even build each other when you work on your weaknesses together.

2. Communicate.

Without proper communication, a relationship will not be successful.

If something your partner does bothers you, then tell them. Don’t keep your mouth shut and expect your partner to change their behavior, when they may not know there is a problem in the first place.

As long as you can both communicate efficiently, problems will be able to be resolved, and you both will stay on the same page.

This is key to having a long-lasting relationship.

3. Set boundaries.

It is absolutely imperative that in the beginning of your relationship your are both setting boundaries.

Be clear, firm, and let it be known what you expect from each other, and what you will and will not tolerate.

Doing this provides clarity, and if these boundaries are over stepped, then clearly the relationship with that person needs to be re-evaluated and you both need to communicate.

4. Compromise.

Now this is something you’re going to have to do a lot in your relationship.


There is no way you and your partner will agree on every little thing in your lives. So when you don’t agree on something (date night, what movie to watch, etc) chances are you’re going to have to compromise.

One way or another, it’s going to happen and as long as you are both willing to sacrifice some things from time to time in order to keep each other happy, you will have a long lasting, happy relationship.

5. Plan your future together.

This is another big step in making your relationship last. It’s super important to have a discussion about where you guys want to be in 5, 10, 20 years and so on (if you both even plan to be together that long anyway).

You both need to have in depth conversations about marriage, kids, careers, finances, goals, hopes and dreams.

As long as you are both discussing these things, and are on the same page about what you do and don’t expect for your future together, things will run much more smoothly.

These were just a few simple ways to help your relationship last.

Relationships are hard and actually require you to work on it if you want to keep it.

Make sure you are giving one another your all, 120% and you will always have a solid, long-lasting, relationship with your partner.

What are some things you would suggest to help make any relationship last? Let me know down in the comments. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.


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