My “Paranormal” Experiences

My “Paranormal” Experiences

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Have you ever experienced something that you thought was paranormal?

Do you believe in the paranormal? I do.

And here’s why.

I would feel people in my presence when no one was there.

As a kid, I always had these strange feelings and experiences that when I shared them with people, they always looked at me funny and told me I was tripping.

For example, as a kid, I was always have this feeling as if someone would be watching me. I would feel as if there was someone in my presence, breathing down my neck, but when I would turn around no one would be there.

Majority of the time when this would happen, it would be at night when I was getting ready to fall asleep. At times the feeling made me feel uncomfortable, other times I felt completely at ease.

It was an interesting feeling because it would always feel like there was something tickling me down my spine.

Sometimes when I would get these feelings and go to sleep, some of my family members who passed away would visit me in my dreams. Once this started happening, I was convinced that it was my family members visiting me, so I got used to it.

As I got older, this stopped happening as often (it used to happen every night), but even until this day, I still get that feeling from time to time and know that it’s just my loved one’s visiting me.

Maybe this may not be considered paranormal for some, but it definitely wasn’t “normal” for me.

I also experienced “visions.” 

This one really freaks me out, because it still happens to me from time to time.

I will give a specific example in order to explain what I mean by this more clearly.

About 6 or 7 years ago, I had this dream about my baby sister and I being chased down a long road by a man who was trying to kidnap and kill us. In this dream we were being chased and we had to hide in a bush in order to get away from him.

Thinking back to it now, it wasn’t nearly as scary as it was to me then, but what scared me most was that I had this dream every night for a week and a half.

It freaked me out so much that I stopped sleeping in my room and slept on the couch for a couple of days.

That was until one day I was walking home from school and ran into my little sister crying, when she should have been home already.

It was then that she told me that a man tried to kidnap her and chased her down a long road that was rarely traveled, and the only way that she got away from him was because she hid in a bush.

Crazy right?!

What’s even crazier, is that the night of that happening, I never had that dream again.

There have been about 5 times in my life that I can remember having reoccurring dreams like this that have actually come true in one way or another.

Even though my dream about being chased with my sister Treasure, my younger sister Le’Loni was the one who was chased and almost kidnapped.

But it was since then that I started taking my reoccurring dreams seriously, and it’s the reason I am a big believer in dreams being signs and having deeper meanings.

And the big thing that made me believe in the paranormal is when I saw a ghost.

Now I don’t know if you believe in ghost or not, but I do because of this experience I’m going to tell you about.

I was about 12 years old when I was staying the night at my granny’s house. I had just got done using the bathroom and was making my way to the guest room when this sudden “ghost” just randomly appeared in front of me.

I remember just staring at this older woman with white hair wrapped in a small knot on top of her head with a small bow clip in front of it. She was also wearing a long pink night gown or dress or something, but when I got down to her legs and feet I noticed that the bottom half of her body was missing.

I just stood there looking at her saying nothing. But she said to me, “Hey baby.”

And when I said nothing after a few moments, she just smiled at me and faded away.

Now I can’t really remember if she was transparent or if the ghost seemed like they were an actual person or not. All I know was that from her waste down seemed…faded I suppose you can say, I can’t really remember all that much.

But the reason I remember experiencing this is because at the time, I had no idea who that woman was. But about two or three years later when I was helping my granny move, I came across a picture of the “ghost” I had saw and asked my granny who it was.

Turns out the woman was my great grandmother! She had passed long before I was born, and my mom and granny had few pictures of her due to them being burned in a fire.

So the fact that I had “saw” my great grandma before I knew what she even looked like makes me whole-heartedly believe that this was a real ghost that I had encountered.

Who knows…

Maybe I just had a really active and vivid imagination as a kid, and made a lot of this stuff up. Or maybe I am not tripping at all and have actually experienced all of these things and they are in fact part of the paranormal.

All I know is that I believe anything is possible, and that there may be more to life and the world than we think.

Have you ever had any paranormal experiences? Or do you even believe in the paranormal? If so let me know down in the comments and I’ll see you in my next post.


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